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Salut à tous !!! bienvenue sur nexrezo blog !! Nexrezo est une émission hiphop crée en 1998 par dj unstickear et rezo diffusée sur Rennes ( France ) ainsi que sur le net ( www.canalb.fr )tous les samedis de 20h30 à 01h00.Aujourd-hui composé de Rezo , Dj Unstick Ear & Douzyl , tous 3 Fous de black musik ,l'émission fait place à tous les hiphop , excepté le mainstream !!! Sur ce blog vous pourrez y retrouver nos playlist , notre actu , vidéo et quelques morceaux à download qui, je l'éspère vous donnera envie d'acheter des disques !!! *****ENGLISH :****** Hello everybody !!! Welcome on NexRezo blog !! NexRezo is a radio show dedicated to Hip Hop, created in 1998 by Dj UnstickEar and Rezo.... around Rennes (France) and on the net (www.rennet.org/canalb) every saturday from 20.00 to 01.00 (2 to 7 PM in New York !! ). Now it's Rezo, UnstickEar and Douzyl on air, 3 guys mad about black music, the radio show gives room to every kind of hip hop...but mainstream stuff!!! You can find our playlists on this blog , any news and videos, even some tracks to download, which we hope will make you want to buy some good records !!

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lundi 7 avril 2008

The Dino 5 : Du Hip Hop " good vibrations " pour les Zenfants, & pour les Zadultes !!!

Hall of fame hip-hop producer Prince Paul teams up with some of rap music’s most celebrated mcs to create a prehistoric, preschool musical masterpiece. Part book on tape (narrated by Grammy winning poet Ursula Rucker), part Broadway show (The story was just optioned by Pablo Piccasso!) the cd takes kids (and parents) on a musical journey that tells the story of 5 best dino friends that come together to teach key life lessons and have fun. check out the dino5 band site here. buy a cd or tshirt here. learn about real hip hop here.

"M.C. T-Rex , is here to say I'm the king dinosaur, in every way. Got big fat teeth, and I roar hot air. When I stomp my feet you might be scared". Rex is played by Chali 2na of jurassic 5. learn more about mc t.rex here.

"I'm Triceratops and I’ve got three horns. I came from an egg, that's how I was born. A dinosaur rapper, from prehistoric times, I’ll shake my horns, and you’ll dig my rhymes." Tracy is played by ladybug mecca of digable planets. learn more about tracy here.

"I’m a Billy Brontosaurus with four big feet, I eat lots of plants, but I don't eat meat, I’m one cool dino, no matter what they say, So when I say “fossil”, jump up and say “hey”. Billy is played by Wordsworth. learn more about billy here.

And don't forget TEO, he’s the one that flies, with a real long beak, he sails through the skies. and back to the ground where he puts on his socks, and joins with the band to do some BEAT BOX. Teo is played by Scratch from the legendary Roots Crew.

"Our DJ stegasaurs, the leader of the crew. I walk on all four feet, that’s just how I go. got some spikes on by back, man they keep me safe and I’m always spinning records ______" Dj Stegosaurus is played by Prince Paul.

baby loves hiphop is narrated by the great ursula rucker. with special appearances by Pos & Dave of De La Soul. the story was created and written by award winning author andy blackman hurwitz.

INFOS : http://dino5.com

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